About Us
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About Us


Extensive experience

ACE Project Management was founded with the goal of providing comprehensive engineering expertise to our clients, drawing on more than a decade’s worth of experience in consulting services. What sets us apart is the nuclear consultancy department. Our top-level professionals excel at providing projects and solutions tailored to our clients’ needs and goals.


Resource management

Nuclear energy has multiple applications which, used correctly, can transform the lives of communities in areas where other types of energy generation are less feasible. Our goal is to combine experience with a commitment to safe and environmentally responsible development in order to meet the current needs of the population.


Multidisciplinary services

Our teams offer engineering, architecture, construction management, project management and cost management services, providing practical solutions to clients. We understand a project’s specific needs and engage our teams in delivering long-term operational efficiency through creative use of technology and resources.



In order to achieve a project’s goals, we aim to connect our services with the geographic and demographic characteristics of a region. Our solutions unlock opportunities for entrepreneurs and raise the quality of life for communities in the area.


Accountability and planning

Planning is a key value of our team, but also the fundamental principle that we rely on when we manage resources and costs of the projects in which we engage. In addition, all projects that we accept are equally important to us. All decisions taken during the project’s lifecycle are timely and transparently communicated to the client.


Training and innovation

We know that learning is a never-ending process and, in order to give our clients the best services on the market, our specialists are constantly improving their skills through trainings, courses and conferences. We strive to be on top of the latest trends and developments.